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We favour projects that are as integrated as possible into their local area.

All the scenarios for the electrification of our economy converge on the massive development of photovoltaic installations in France. The growth prospects for solar energy are vast and cover a wide range of fields. With installed capacity set to rise from 16 GW in 2022 to a hoped-for minimum of 75 GW by 2035, photovoltaic technical solutions are multiplying. Ground-mounted and roof-mounted power plants, and now also floating and agrivoltaic power plants.

RWE is committed to providing turnkey, practical and sustainable solutions for the efficient development of photovoltaic energy, while respecting the conditions of use of its partners from industry, the agricultural sector, local authorities, etc. 

RWE's extensive experience and expertise in the various solar technologies, enable you to implement the project that is best suited to your territory and/or your situation.

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"All the scenarios for the electrification of our economy are pointing towards a significant increase in the number of photovoltaic installations in France. RWE intends to play a major role in this process based on our strong links with players in the agricultural sector. Agrivoltaics is an integral part of the RWE Group's strategy in France, with solar power plants designed from the outset to meet farmers' needs."

Rémy Graye, Director of Solar Development and Storage France

Solar technologies at RWE


Agrivoltaics, also known as agricultural co-location, is a mutually beneficial system that brings together the best of both worlds by producing low-carbon, competitive solar energy and developing agricultural production in our regions.

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Floating Solar

Floating photovoltaics is a technology that involves installing photovoltaic solar panels on floating structures, generally on bodies of water such as lakes, ponds, reservoirs or tanks.

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