Take part in the energy transition!

Your project with RWE.

Do you have derelict land (industrial wasteland, quarries, etc.) or land assets (fallow land, farms, etc.)?

RWE can deliver customised technical solutions to enhance the value of your land without any investment on your part!

Why should I rent out my land?

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I am a private individual

  • Benefit from guaranteed additional income over a long period (between 30 and 40 years).
  • Take advantage of RWE's comprehensive expertise without any investment on your part.
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I am a company

  • Corroborate your CSR policy by communicating your contribution to the energy transition.
  • Guarantee your electricity supply by generating your own electricity on site.
  • Benefit from a stable electricity price over the long term (10 to 15 years).
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I am a local authority or public body

  • Boost and enhance the value of your region through a land-qualification approach.
  • Share the value of the project with local residents by contributing to the funding of public services
  • Take advantage of the solutions offered by RWE to local residents, such as preferential electricity rates, equity financing, etc.

With RWE, you can rely on:

  • A single point of contact throughout the life of the project

  • A partner with solid financial capabilities

  • Control of the entire project life cycle

  • A guarantee of optimum quality and safety in the implementation of the project

Tailored solutions

Ground-mounted power plants

Photovoltaics can be used to enhance the value of land assets that are currently not in use: wasteland, quarries, polluted sites, etc. The possibilities are as numerous as our technical solutions.

Our solar projects

Floating power plants

This technology responds to concerns about the use of land, while offering owners and local authorities the opportunity to enhance the value of their water bodies.

Floating power plants


Agrivoltaics describes the synergy from the simultaneous use of land for producing low-carbon, low-cost energy and maintaining or even expanding agricultural production in our regions.


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