Offshore Wind

We develop, finance, build and operate wind and solar farms throughout France.

The world's number two in offshore wind energy

With its 5,853 km of coastline, mainland France has one of the greatest potentials for the development of offshore wind power in Europe. France is committed to developing offshore wind power in order to meet its climate objectives, with a capacity of 45 GW to be installed by 2050 and the launch of several calls for tenders, including one for 10 GW by 2025.

RWE is the world's number two in offshore wind power and will be investing 55 billion euros between 2024 and 2030 in the energy transition. The aim is to extend the company's green portfolio to 65 GW of generating capacity by 2030, 15% of which will come from offshore wind assets, tripling installed capacity.

Present across the entire value chain, the Group has over 20 years of experience in offshore wind, from design and development to construction and operation. Over the last few decades we commissioned 19 offshore wind farms.

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RWE Offshore Wind farms in operation

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Stages of an offshore wind farm project

RWE is present throughout the value chain, from project development to decommissioning, and attaches particular importance to involving local stakeholders at every stage.

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Dialogue and transparency at the heart of our method

The Group values the transparency of its actions and ongoing dialogue with all its partners. To ensure that each maritime activity coexists in the best possible way, RWE works closely with stakeholders from civil society (local residents, elected representatives, local associations, public authorities, etc.) and users of the sea, in particular fishermen, pleasure boaters, maritime industries and environmental associations.

Wind farm projects are also the subject of public debate, with a strong emphasis on giving as many people as possible the opportunity to have their say. Public participation mainly takes the form of debates and consultations, under the supervision of the National Commission for Public Debate (CNDP). The aim of this approach is to brief the public and gather their opinions on offshore wind farm projects in order to inform the authorities' decisions.

How does an offshore wind farm take shape?

How does an offshore wind farm take shape?  - Origination | Offshore Wind at RWE


  • Development of new assets (greenfield development) or existing assets (brownfield development)
  • Participation in invitations to tender
  • Identification of potential development sites
  • Assessment of the marine ecosystem and weather conditions at the site
  • Obtaining the project and property rights
  • Request for authorisation
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How does an offshore wind farm take shape?  - Project development | Offshore Wind at RWE

Project development

  • Environmental and wind studies
  • Impact studies
  • Definition of technical issues
  • Authorisation to connect to the network
  • Obtaining administrative authorisations
  • Involvement of local communities
  • Definition of a well thought-out and strategic industrial supply chain
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Project development
How does an offshore wind farm take shape?  - Construction | Offshore Wind at RWE


  • Site preparation (installation of cables, access roads and foundations)
  • Grid connection
  • Contracts with subcontractors and commissioning of the wind farm
  • Implementation of a QHSE programme
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How does an offshore wind farm take shape?  - Operation | Offshore Wind at RWE


  • Production optimisation
  • 24/7 operation and maintenance
  • Managing end-of-life of machines: dismantling or repowering
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Innovation is in RWE's DNA

At RWE, we commit considerable resources to promoting innovation in all its forms. Here are a few examples of the new technologies we are introducing at our wind farms.

Offshore wind farm Kaskasi| RWE

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Offshore wind power brings a wide range of expertise together to bring electricity generation off the coast to fruition.

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Research and development play a key role at RWE in anticipating emerging challenges in the industry.

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Our activities in France

RWE is positioned in all French offshore wind energy tenders.

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