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to support the energy transition

The development of renewable energy in France

As part of the Pluriannual Energy Programme (PPE), France has set itself ambitious targets aimed at increasing the share of renewable energies to 33% of national electricity production by 2030.

This target is all the more ambitious when considering that electricity consumption is set to grow by around 15 TWh a year between now and 2035, mainly as a result of the electrification of the transport, mobility, industry and residential building sectors.

RWE: a major player in the energy transition

Against this backdrop, and in order to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, the development of renewable energies, particularly onshore and offshore wind power, photovoltaics and energy storage, is at the heart of France's strategy.

RWE is present in all these sectors through its 250 employees spread across the country to be as close as possible to the regions.

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Our energies in figures

00 billion euros

to be invested in the energy transition worldwide by the Group between 2024 and 2030

00 offshore wind tenders

in France in which RWE is participating

> 00 MWp

of solar projects under development in France

> 00 GW

of onshore wind projects under development in France

00 GW

of green technology capacity installed worldwide by 2030

00 MW

of projects in 2 years

In France, RWE is present in all the
key markets for the energy transition.

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At RWE, we are committed to creating a sustainable energy future by involving local stakeholders in the development of each project. This ensures the best possible integration of our projects, environmentally, economically and socially.

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Onshore Wind

We develop, finance, build and operate wind and solar farms throughout France.

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We develop, finance, build and operate wind and solar farms throughout France.

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Offshore Wind

We develop, finance, build and operate wind and solar farms throughout France.

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Hydrogen is considered the perfect technology for decarbonising sectors that are difficult to electrify.

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Storage plants optimise the feed-in of electricity into the grid.

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A long-term local presence

At RWE, we are present throughout the entire value chain, from the early stages of project development through to decommissioning. This enables us to guarantee the quality and sustainability of our facilities throughout their life cycle and to establish an ongoing dialogue with our stakeholders.

  • Development: From prospecting to the submission of permits, RWE is present at every stage of development.

  • Financing: Equity financing to help projects come to fruition.

  • Engineering and construction: Optimising LCOE and delivering complex projects on time and on budget.

  • Marketing: RWE's experience on the markets means that revenues can be optimised over the long term.

  • Operations: As a producer-operator, RWE makes a long-term commitment to local communities.

Innovation at the heart of our projects

Innovation is at the heart of our projects. At RWE, our teams are working to solve the challenges of today's electricity production while developing innovative technical solutions to meet tomorrow's energy needs. Our aim? To implement technologies that balance economic efficiency, security of supply and respect for the environment in a constantly changing energy market.

Everyone involved in change

For every project, RWE proposes measures that are as close as possible to the local area. A co-construction approach with local stakeholders, reduced electricity tariffs for local residents, participatory financing campaigns, regional endowment funds, etc.

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