Our expertise in solar energy

Our experience

RWE's in-house skills and experience are extensive. Our teams of experts support you every step of the way to ensure that your project is a success and fits in as well as possible with its surroundings.

Our team develops projects on sites ranging from five to several hundred hectares. We work to build efficient, well thought-out power plants that are integrated into their environment.

Our expertise in ground-mounted power plants means that we can develop different types of projects, depending on the location:

  • On land with low environmental impact, such as derelict roads, former quarries or gravel pits, industrial or natural wastelands, former waste storage centres, former military sites, airfields, etc.

  • Floating photovoltaics on lakes, ponds and former gravel pits with a low tidal range.

  • In synergy with crops or livestock on agricultural land whose yields are no longer satisfactory (soil impoverishment, problematic global warming, former land temporarily used for road infrastructure, etc.), with solutions studied on a case-by-case basis (agrivoltaics).


From development to operation, including the construction phases, RWE is committed to a consultation process that meets the expectations of local residents and users.

The Group is committed to communicating in a transparent and educational way at every stage of the project, and above all ensures that its development is consistent with the host region by involving the relevant stakeholders in the various phases of the project.

Solar projects raise legitimate questions. In response, RWE implements appropriate consultation procedures and establishes constructive dialogue with local stakeholders.

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Our beliefs

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Establish a relationship of trust and proximity with local stakeholders through a sincere and attentive continuous dialogue.

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Drawing on the residents' expertise to design a project rooted in the area's history, culture and identity.

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Take a co-construction approach, creating value and opportunities around attractive projects.

Concerted action for projects and regions

We work to create high-performance projects that are well thought-out and integrated into the local environment. Local authorities are consulted on an ongoing basis from the earliest stages of development in order to understand local issues and build a project tailored to the specific environment.

To achieve this, we implement a range of solutions, from project start-up to solar farm operation:

  • Understanding the area: carrying out an analysis of the area and a study of how the project is perceived by around thirty local stakeholders.

  • Explain and promote the project: newsletters, dedicated websites, public meetings, exhibitions, visits to wind farms in operation, etc.

  • Co-constructing the project: collaborative work on the measures to be implemented to compensate for the impacts of the solar farm, supporting economic players in overcoming potential problems and benefitting from the project.

  • Continuing dialogue: communication and consultation during the construction and operation phases with local authorities and solar farm stakeholders

This consultation process, which is entirely voluntary, is essential to the success of the project.

Did you know?

All wind and solar farm projects are subject to a public enquiry procedure. Information about the project (including the environmental impact assessment) is published once the application for authorisation or permit* has been submitted. Any person or organisation may then submit questions or comments for a period of one month. All contributions will be submitted to the developer via the investigating commissioners for response. The documents resulting from the public enquiry procedure are taken into account in the prefectorial decision on whether or not the project will be authorised.

* For solar projects, this is an application for planning permission; for wind projects, this is an application for environmental authorisation.

Environment and engineering

Our teams of experts will support you throughout the project.

In addition to ground-mounted solar power plants, RWE is developing floating photovoltaic power plants on lakes and ponds and agrivoltaic power plants that work in synergy with crops or livestock.

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