Floating wind power

RWE is developing solutions to capture energy offshore.

According to European Union objectives, around 300 GW of offshore wind power are to be deployed in Europe by 2050. To meet this target, offshore wind power needs to innovate and move beyond the shallow areas where conventional "seabed-fixed" offshore wind projects are being installed. This is where floating wind turbines come into their own.

This technological innovation represents an international development in which RWE aims to be a major player. With several decades of experience in the deployment of seabed-fixed offshore wind power, the Group has unique expertise in all the technical issues associated with floating offshore wind power.

RWE's ambition

RWE's ambition is to develop, finance, build and operate cost-competitive, commercial-scale floating wind projects. To achieve this, RWE is working on an international programme that focuses on supply chain management and the implementation of innovative, world-class projects. The Group is actively involved in the development of two floating wind demonstrators using a variety of technologies tested in different marine environments.

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  • Compatible with deep water, unlike onshore wind turbines

  • Boosts the region's economyand creates jobs

  • Contributes to achieving carbon neutrality

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Floating wind at a glance

Dive into the world of floating offshore wind turbines.

Our demonstrators

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RWE is participating in the development of two floating demonstrator projects, each with different foundations. This will enable the Group to increase its expertise and mastery of floating offshore wind technology.


Floating wind demonstrator in Norway

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Floating wind demonstrator in Spain

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