Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)

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A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a direct contract for the purchase of renewable electricity between a producer and a consumer. It is often backed by a clearly identified wind or solar farm. The contract sets a fixed price for the electricity, which may be independent of market fluctuations and is generally based on production costs.

It can have a variable duration, ranging from 3 to 25 years, but it is generally long-term, especially when it concerns the development of new renewable infrastructures (15 to 20 years).

In France, the first Corporate PPAs were launched in 2019. Since then, many companies have adopted this approach. Today, these contracts are gradually becoming more popular, attracting more and more medium-sized organisations.

Since it is a bilateral contract, a PPA can take different forms and be adapted to the parties. In particular, there are several types of PPAs based on either new assets ('Greenfield' PPAs), which meet the CSR criteria of additionality, or existing assets ('Brownfield' PPAs).

Why should my company sign a Corporate PPA?

Signing a Corporate PPA has a number of advantages for companies:

  • Cost stability: PPAs allow companies to set an electricity price in advance, reducing the uncertainty associated with price fluctuations on the electricity market and on the company's budget planning.

  • Reducing carbon emissions: By using electricity generated from renewable sources and the associated guarantees of origin, businesses are actively contributing to achieving their objectives in terms of energy transition and reducing their greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Visibility of commitment: Signing a PPA is a very concrete way of demonstrating our commitment to sustainability and the environment, a major asset in attracting investors and employees who are sensitive to these issues.

  • Security of supply: PPAs secure part of the volumes needed to supply your company with electricity.

Why choose RWE?

Based in France and attached to the European Commodity Solutions team, RWE's French PPA team benefits from the synergies and PPA experience of the RWE Group and expertise in the French electricity market.

Our PPA team selects the projects and contractual structures best suited to your needs, with complete transparency.

RWE is a reliable partner with 125 years of experience in the energy sector and an excellent financial rating. The RWE Group has numerous PPA references, and more generally in tailor-made energy-related products. RWE also offers various marketing and support services for PPAs.

What our clients say about us

Solar Power Purchase Agreements with RWE
Solar Power Purchase Agreements with RWE

“We are delighted to have found in RWE a strong partner who enables us to supply a leading industrial company like VW with green electricity and thus make a contribution on the path towards climate friendly mobility.”

~ Dr. Alexandra von Bernstorff, Managing Partner of Luxcara

Wind Onshore Power Purchase Agreements with RWE
Wind Onshore Power Purchase Agreements with RWE

“The agreement with RWE represents a major step toward our carbon footprint reduction goals. Sofidel emissions reduction targets – -40% emissions per ton of paper by 2030 compared with 2018 base year – have been approved by the Science Based Targets initiative as consistent with levels required to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement,” “This is also in line with what the latest climate science says is needed to prevent the worst impacts of climate change. In our commitment to a low carbon economy we regard PPAs as an useful and effective tool to source renewable power for our industrial operations and, at the same time, trigger the creation of additional generation capacity, aimed at sustaining the green energy transition.”

~ Riccardo Balducci, Sofidel Energy & Environment Director

Solar Power Purchase Agreements with RWE
Solar Power Purchase Agreements with RWE

“The PPA deal with RWE is a significant commitment that helps us come closer to the Asahi Group ambition of becoming carbon neutral across the whole supply chain by 2050. In addition, it lays the ground for RWE to invest in a new onshore wind construction project that will support Poland's transition towards renewable energy."

~ Paolo Lanzarotti, CEO Asahi Breweries Europe Group

Solar Power Purchase Agreements with RWE
Solar Power Purchase Agreements with RWE

“The PPA with RWE is an important step in Grifols’ efforts to reduce our environmental footprint as part of our commitment to grow sustainably and contribute to a healthier planet.”

~ Daniel Fleta, Grifols Chief Industrial Officer

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Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

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