A solution designed for and with farmers.

Agrivoltaics, also known as agricultural co-location, is a mutually beneficial system that brings together the best of both worlds by producing low-carbon, competitive solar energy and developing agricultural production in our regions.

There are many different forms of agrivoltaics: solar panels can be installed on livestock, fruit or arable fields, while limiting land take and taking into account the challenges facing agricultural land.

The benefits
of agrivoltaics

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Adapting projects to agricultural needs

The agrivoltaic projects are:

  • Conceived and designed with the farmer in mind 
  • Reversible and dismantled at the end of operations
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Optimising space

Agrivoltaic power plants:

  • Respect agricultural production
  • Can be adapted to suit all types of farms 
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Preserving agricultural land

Agrivoltaic projects enable:

  • Maintaining sustainable agricultural activity 
  • Generating additional income over the long term 
  • Synergy with the region.
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Promoting animal welfare

The shadow created by the panels:

  • Offers protection from the sun and heat 
  • Reduces heat stress for the animals 
  • Facilitates diffuse grass growth, which is good for forage yields
  • Limits the spread of diseases in poultry farms (presence of nets)
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Reducing water stress

The presence of the panels creates:

  • A beneficial microclimate for plants 
  • A shadow that limits evapotranspiration and reduces the need for irrigation
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Ensuring agricultural production

Installation of panels:

  • Protects plants from harmful UV rays and reduces the risk of crop scorch
  • Limits the damage caused by climatic hazards (reducing temperature variations, anti-hail nets)
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The benefits of agrivoltaics for farmers:

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