Our expertise in offshore wind power

Offshore wind energy brings together a wide range of expertise to enable the production of electricity off the coast. Installing an offshore wind farm requires a wide range of skills and special attention to the various users of the maritime domain.

Training and professional integration: three identified priorities

Based on its experience, RWE has carried out a study to identify the professions required to meet the needs of the offshore wind industry in France. A list of several occupations likely to be in short supply in the coming years was drawn up. On the basis of these findings, a comprehensive initiative was undertaken to meet with the various players involved in training and education, with a view to forging partnerships and strengthening existing training provision.

This training issue is one of our priority objectives as a company with a mission in France. The Group's aim is to support innovation in maritime training, make offshore wind energy a more attractive career option and ensure that its expertise is shared with training providers and learners.

  • RWE is committed to the integration of women and gender equality.

  • RWE is a partner of "Les Elles de l'Océan", organised by "Elles bougent" and the French Maritime Cluster, to promote the maritime professions to women and encourage them to enter the profession.

  • RWE plays an active role in events organised by schools and employment agencies to raise the profile of the wind energy industry and dispel preconceived ideas about the career path and level of qualifications required to enter the industry.

Environmental issues

Fishing: Emphasis on the coexistence of maritime uses

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In order to ensure the coexistence of all maritime activities in the vicinity of its offshore wind farms, RWE works closely with all civil society and users of the sea, in particular fishers, recreational boaters, maritime industries and environmental associations, to find solutions that benefit all parties. In general, RWE works on a daily basis to minimise the impact of its activities on fishers and the fishing industry.

Industry: Working in symbiosis

RWE has the expertise and experience needed to cover the entire offshore wind energy value chain, from development to construction and from operation to decommissioning. By being heavily involved in the entire life cycle of offshore wind projects, RWE is actively contributing to the establishment of dedicated industrial sectors.

In France, the stated objectives for offshore wind power should make it possible to develop a robust industrial sector, contributing to the country's reindustrialisation.

In order to structure this industry, RWE is committed to accelerating the development of the offshore wind industry and encouraging the creation of new jobs in the regions.

The aim is to create a French and European industry capable of meeting the growing needs of the industry for blades, masts, nacelles, anchors, floats, foundations, ships, etc. These developments are also taking place in interaction with the ports located on the various maritime fronts.

  • RWE a formalisé l’engagement du développement d’une filière industrielle en France en signant pour chaque appel d'offres la charte d’engagement proposée par les clusters régionaux.

  • RWE implique des entreprises françaises sur ses projets européens, comme les Chantiers de l’Atlantique, avec qui un contrat pour la mise en service de plusieurs sous-stations électriques a été signé.

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