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Our experts

The in-house skills and the experience of RWE Renouvelables France are vast. Our teams of experts will accompany you throughout the project to guarantee its soundness.


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The cartographer creates analyses (visual impact zones, shadow studies, etc.) and maps (location of the projects, constraints for wind farm development, etc.) for the managers of the project under development. The maps constitute an important visualisation and decision-making tool in the context of the development of wind projects.

Wind experts

The team of wind potential experts provides technical support for the wind projects developed by RWE Renouvelables France, at whatever progress stage, for any issue related to the wind resource. The tasks entrusted to this team are varied, from measuring the wind on site to calculating the expected production capacity of the future farm, including the optimisation of the positions of the wind turbines and the selection of the turbine best suited to the wind conditions of the site.

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The acoustician heads the acoustic studies during the impact study phase:

  • Consultation and selection of the consultancy firm
  • Organisation of the acoustic measures (selection of the intervention period, locations, measurement conditions, etc.)
  • Execution of the impact calculations
  • Critical analysis of the studies

All this is in order for the acoustician to provide advice to the project manager and to make sure the quietest plant possible is designed.


The connection engineer conducts feasibility studies for the connection of new projects in France (costs, deadlines, internal configuration, etc.). They manage and optimise the electrical and telecommunications connection conditions for the projects with the power network operators (RTE, ENEDIS, ELD, etc.) and telecommunications operators (e.g. Orange) from the request for connection to commissioning and operation.

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The legal department is in charge of securing the development activity (operations and transactions). The legal department negotiates all contracts, from the wind data agreements to the turnkey sales contracts (wind turbine supply, maintenance, etc.), which also includes the co-development partnerships. It assists the project managers with any legal issues that may arise during the lifespan of a project, from the launch of the studies until its sale. The department thus monitors the regulatory developments relating to wind energy and its market, supports project managers in submitting authorisation application documentation and manages the dozens of companies carrying out wind projects.


Nowadays, the consultation procedure is an indispensable part of a development project. To create the acceptability conditions for the project, the consultation manager works on customised information and co-construction schemes that involve the area stakeholders.

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The main mission of the ecologist is to provide operational technical support for all environmental topics (habitats, fauna, flora, ARC measures, etc.) at various stages of the wind projects, both from a quality assurance perspective and a scientific perspective, by contributing to the development of precise arguments. The coordination with third-party consultancy firms (natural environments, landscape, assemblers) is also very important in the definition of the technical service specifications (methodology, prospecting pressure, schedule of on-site visits, etc.) based on the challenges and expectations of wind power administrative authorities.