Onshore wind development

The stages of development

With its team of over 80 experienced employees, RWE Renewables France designs wind farm projects in partnership with elected officials, residents, local associations and administrative authorities. Benefitting from the experience and capacities of the RWE Group across the entire value chain, RWE Renouvelables France has expanded its sphere of activity to include construction and will operate developed sites.


Through in-depth studies, RWE Renouvelables France defines the best project for your area. RWE Renouvelables France works with specialist consultancy firms and independent associations in order to conduct the various studies necessary for compiling the documentation for the environmental authorisation applications.

Our experts

The in-house skills and the experience of RWE Renouvelables France are vast. Our teams of experts will accompany you throughout the project to guarantee its soundness.

Our references in France

All the projects installed by RWE.


Similarly to infrastructure projects, wind farm projects are increasingly facing social acceptance difficulties in the areas concerned. Even though a majority of the French are in favour of wind energy in the fight against climate change, acceptance becomes more difficult when it comes to installing wind turbines in the area.

Public inquiry

Any wind farm project is subject to a public inquiry. This inquiry is conducted by an inquiry commissioner or an inquiry commission, in parallel to the appraisal of the environmental authorisation documentation for the wind farm.

The inquiry aims to inform the residents of the municipalities where the wind farm is installed, as well as those of neighbouring municipalities located within a 6km radius of the project facilities. The public is invited to share their observations regarding the project with the inquiry commissioner who, at the end of the inquiry, will prepare a public inquiry report reflecting these observations and the answers from the contracting authority and detailing their reasoned conclusions on the project. This public inquiry report is communicated to the Prefect and the contracting authority before being made public.

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In order to allow everyone to participate in the project and benefit from its profits, we suggest implementing crowdfunding for the project.

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