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The studies

Through in-depth studies, RWE Renouvelables France defines the best project for your area. We work with specialist consultancies in order to conduct the various studies necessary for compiling the files for the building permit application:

  • Analysis of constraints (urbanism, ZNIEFF Natura 2000 areas, etc.)
  • Fauna/flora study
  • Environmental impact study
  • Landscape study
  • Connection study
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These studies are monitored in house by technical experts (lawyers, ecologists, etc.). Conducted with great care, they guarantee the accuracy and transparency of the results. In order to create the best possible project, RWE Renouvelables France works in close collaboration with French government services (DREAL, DDT, etc.).

The technical (radiation, electrical connection) and economic feasibility studies.

In order to confirm the technical feasibility of the project, RWE Renouvelables France plans the design/type of photovoltaic installation best suited to local sunlight levels and the configuration of the site. The electrical connection study is another key step that will impact the cost of the project. These two analyses make it possible to estimate the future production of a solar farm and to confirm its economic feasibility.

The administrative authorisations

Once the studies have been completed, RWE Renouvelables France will submit a building permit application that incorporates the environmental impact study. This building permit is necessary to build and operate the photovoltaic farm under the regulations for energy utilisation and potentially, depending on the specifics of the site, under the forestry code (land clearing) or under the regulations relating to protected species (protected species exemption).