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A local project

Consultation to generate the necessary acceptance

We are working on the execution of projects for plants that are high-performance, well thought-out and well integrated in the area. The communities are therefore systematically consulted from the first phases of development in order to properly understand the local issues and build a project suited to each environment.

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Form a trusting and close bond with the population by working transparently, with sincerity, a listening ear and a constant dialogue.

Crowdfunding: the involvement of citizens

For each project, we offer crowdfunding campaigns that allow citizens to invest their savings in a sustainable development project:

  • organised by certified and nationally recognised crowdfunding platforms geared towards renewable resources.
  • with a mechanism based on simple bonds ("OS").

Crowdfunding makes it possible to:

  • Share in the financial benefits of renewable energy projects.
  • Become a project stakeholder and be proud of it.
  • Invest in a local project with high-return savings (indicative value: 4% to 6%) depending on the project phase