Offshore wind

RWE is the 2nd offshore wind leader worldwide

RWE is the 2nd largest offshore operator in the world, with over 20 years of experience in the development, construction and operation of offshore wind projects. As a main player of the energy transition, RWE Group is aiming to triple its offshore wind capacity by 2030.

Dialogue and consultation are key to all the projects developed by the company.

In order to ensure the maritime activities respect and coexistence, RWE works closely with all local players of the civil society (residents, local elected people, associations, public authorities) and sea users especially fishermen, pleasure sailors, maritime industrialists and environmental associations.

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RWE is a specialist of bottom-fixed offshore wind but also of floating offshore wind and currently takes part to the development of 2 demonstrators designed on different technologies.
In terms of innovation, RWE Group will test the world first recyclable blades at its Kaskasi wind farm off the coasts of Germany. RWE Group is also a key player of hydrogen development and participates to 30 green hydrogen related projects across the globe.

In France, RWE is willing to actively take part in the pursuit of structuring the French offshore wind industry. The company is pre-qualified for two government tenders, for one project off the coast of Normandy and one off the coast of Brittany.

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Why choose RWE?

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An offshore wind expert since 2001 with over 20 years of technical expertise (bottom-fixed and floating wind) on big projects.

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A player which masters all industrial value chain challenges of a project which will actively contribute to the french offshore industry success.

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A project developer attentive to local stakeholders and sea users to create exemplary and consulted projects.

RWE and offshore wind

Floating Offshore Wind

Find out more about how floating wind turbines work, which goals RWE want to reach within their development and which pilot projects are advancing the technology.


Offshore wind projects

We are already the global no. 2 in offshore wind. With 8 GW of capacity in development and auctions in Europe, the Americas and Asia, RWE has a number of complex Offshore projects ahead of it.

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