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RWE Renouvelable France

RWE Renouvelables France, a French subsidiary of the RWE Group, is one of the leading developers and producers of renewable energy in France. More than 120 employees develop, build, operate and maintain wind and solar farms.

The company is committed to working hand in hand with local residents, elected officials, socio-economic players, associations, administrations, the government, all users of the sea and other stakeholders. From the launch of the project to its dismantling or renewal, RWE Renouvelables France pays particular attention to the quality of its projects, where consultation and local integration are the keys to success.

With its team of over 80 experienced employees, RWE Renouvelables France designs wind and solar farm projects in partnership with elected officials, residents, local associations and administrative authorities. From the launch of the project to the dismantling or renewal of the plant, we pay special attention to the quality of our work by involving you in the project very early on – here, without a doubt, coordination is the key to success.