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In order to allow everyone to participate in the project and benefit from its profits, we suggest implementing crowdfunding for the project.

Citizen investment

This process enables us to involve citizens, municipalities, associations or companies in community projects by giving them the opportunity to contribute to sustainable development according to their means (investments starting at €25).

We offer this investment with our various partners. The investment is made through bonds (or debt securities) that replace a bank loan. Over 8 to 15 years, these savings earn around 3 to 5% gross per year, depending on the projects.


As part of that same process of co-construction with the area, RWE Renouvelables France will, for certain noteworthy projects, offer the option of investing in the project company together with RWE Renouvelables France.

Development in partnership or “co-development” is a risky investment that requires the community (municipality or group of municipalities) to invest in the studies. The risks and economic benefits are proportional to the amounts invested and the time dedicated to the project. The profits are thus determined based on the division of tasks and investment costs.