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Consultation to gain acceptance

In the development of its wind projects, RWE is committed to a dialogue approach that meets the territory’s expectations. A transparent and clear communication is implemented at each step of the project. Special attention is paid to develop consistent projects with territories in question by involving relevant actors.

Our convictions

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Form a trusting and close bond with the population by working transparently, with sincerity, a listening ear and a constant dialogue.

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Rely on the democratic participation of the residents to design a project anchored in the history, culture and identity of the area.

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Develop a co-construction dynamic around an attractive project that creates value and opportunities.

Therefore, we implement a range of solutions from the beginning of the project up until the public inquiry:

  • Understand the territory: preparation of an area diagnosis and a project perception study involving around thirty local stakeholders.
  • Explain and promote the project: information letters, websites, public meetings, exhibitions, operating wind farms visits, etc.
  • Co-construct the project: collaborative work on measures to be implemented to compensate the wind farm impacts, assistance to the economic stakeholders to anticipate and benefit from the project, etc.

This consultation process, which is entirely voluntary, is a key asset in the success of the project.

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