RWE, a company in action

We are taking concrete action to promote the energy transition wherever we operate.

RWE, a company in action

We are taking concrete action to promote the energy transition wherever we operate.

RWE, a company in action

We are taking concrete action to promote the energy transition wherever we operate.

As a developer and producer of renewable energies, RWE and its experts work in the regions every day, alongside local communities, local businesses and local authorities, to make the energy transition possible and accelerate it.

Find out more about the practical steps we're taking to rise to the challenge!

Action n°1


in the challenges of the energy transition.

Between 2024 and 2030, RWE will invest 55 billion euros worldwide in offshore and onshore wind power, solar energy, storage technologies, flexible production and hydrogen projects to support the energy transition.

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Carbon neutrality in sight

With its ambitious Growing Green investment and growth strategy, RWE is contributing significantly to the success of the energy transition and the decarbonisation of the energy system.. By the end of the decade, the company’s green portfolio will grow to more than 65 gigawatts of generation capacity. RWE is decarbonising its business in line with the 1.5-degree reduction pathway and will be net-zero by 2040. Fully in line with the company’s purpose - Our energy for a sustainable life.

Action n°2

Making a success

of an energy transition that benefits everyone.

RWE provides 100% regional funding for accompanying measures (thermal insulation, electric recharging stations, biodiversity, etc.) that benefit the community and local residents throughout France.

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Concrete support measures

Faced with the climate challenge, everyone has a role to play. That's why RWE systematically works with local players, elected representatives, residents and associations to build projects iteratively so that everyone can take ownership of them. RWE offers local authorities a range of concrete measures to support the energy transition in their areas. These proposals will be added to as our wind farms are deployed.

Action n°3


our energies internationally.

RWE's projects, such as Arkona and Nordseecluster in Germany, also enable our French partners to expand internationally.

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Chantiers de l'Atlantique exports on RWE projects

The collaboration between Chantiers de l'Atlantique and RWE began with the construction of the Arkona offshore wind farm, commissioned in 2018. Today, it continues with the four Nordseecluster wind farms in Germany, which will be equipped with electrical substations built by Chantiers de l'Atlantique via its subsidiary Atlantique Offshore Energy, which specialises in offshore construction. 

Action n°4


direct access to renewable energy at the right price.

RWE has signed around thirty contracts* to supply electricity without intermediaries (PPA) for 5 TWh of annual production from industrial companies, equivalent to 3 times the annual electricity consumption of Parisian public transport.

* Since 2019

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Towards an increase in the number of PPAs (power purchase agreements)

Long-term renewable energy contracts (PPAs) are efficient tools for driving the energy transition forward. They give businesses, SMEs and local authorities access to green energy at a predefined, stable price, while effectively decarbonising their electricity consumption.

Action n°5


all our expertise to work for energy.

Every day in France, RWE experts from more than 30 fields including fisheries, cartography, trading, agriculture, consultation, acoustics, electrical connections and bat research support our renewable energy projects .

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Irreplaceable human resources

Consulting engineers, business developers, project managers, cartographers, wind experts, acousticians, legal experts, ecologists, analysts... With their skills and their energy, RWE's experts accelerate the decarbonisation of our energy production and make every project as integrated as possible from a technical, social, environmental and economic point of view.

Action n°6


the talent in our regions.

RWE has a wide-ranging recruitment plan for all of our businesses throughout France: Clichy, Nantes, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Montpellier, Lyon, Lille, etc.

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Local job creation

RWE has almost 250 employees and plans to exceed 300 by the end of 2024. To meet this challenge, the company is promoting employment in the regions by helping in particular young people to discover the jobs associated with the energy transition. RWE takes part in numerous events linked to professional integration and the promotion of a return to employment in various French regions and has formed partnerships with many local organisations (Afpa, CINav, UIMM - La Fabrique de l'Avenir, Mission Locale Jeunes du Grand Narbonne, etc.).

Action n°7


a success of the energy transition.

In France, RWE has committed to become a mission-driven company, whose social and environmental objectives are monitored by a mission committee made up of internal and external experts.

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A raison d'être for 4 ambitious SEOs

In September 2023, RWE joined the club of mission-driven companies by including its raison d'être and its four social and environmental objectives in its articles of association. We are reaffirming our desire to contribute to the development of renewable energies by promoting a sustainable model that benefits local development.

Action n°8


the value of new energies.

With RWE households in the communes of the company’s first three wind farms in France can save up to 50%* on their electricity bill for five years**.

*Maximum reduction equivalent to €20/MW/year on the wind farm in the relevant municipality , capped at 50% of the average annual electricity bill.
**Contract valid for 5 years with no commitment.

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Cheaper electricity for local residents

In March 2023, RWE and Energie d'ici signed a partnership to reduce the electricity bills of residents living near its wind farms. Simple and accessible, the scheme consists of an attractive offer based on the output of the wind farm, enabling households in the area where the wind farm is located to reduce their annual electricity bill by up to 50%. Launched for the Pierrots wind farm (Indre), the first wind farm commissioned in France by RWE, the initiative will be replicated at other RWE-operated wind farms in France.

Action n°9


to accelerate the energy transition.

RWE is putting innovative industrial processes into practice with several floating demonstrators that are opening up new horizons for offshore wind generation.

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Two floating demonstrator projects in operation

In many locations, the water is too deep for conventional offshore wind farms. RWE has thus embarked on an ambitious programme to develop large-scale floating projects, including the two operational demonstrators TetraSpar in Norway and DemoSATH in Spain, to  pave the way for floating wind power on a commercial scale.

Action n°10


to the protection of biodiversity through our energies.

RWE has set up innovative services in France, such as flying a drone* over cereal fields to identify harrier nests and protect them.

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Buzzard nests secured at Le Sars-Martinpuich (62)

With a view to minimising the impact of its activities on birdlife and helping to preserve biodiversity, RWE has taken steps to identify and secure the local harrier population within a 2-km radius of the Le Sars-Martinpuich wind farm. Using a drone equipped with a high-definition thermal camera, RWE is detecting the presence of nesting harriers in agricultural plots in order to secure the nests during the nesting period.

*In particular, RWE Renouvelables France has introduced drone detection of harrier nests to protect them from passing farm machinery during nesting periods.

Action n°11


new life to our energies.

RWE is committed to a more virtuous life cycle for composite materials by operating the first offshore wind farm* to use wind turbines with fully recyclable blades.

*Kaskasi wind farm in Germany.

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Another step towards fully recyclable wind turbines

It has already been possible to recycle 90% of the materials used in a wind turbine. Now, RWE has gone one step further with the world's first recyclable rotor blades, tested under real conditions at the Kaskasi wind farm. Thanks to a new type of resin with a special chemical structure, the materials used to produce Siemens Gamesa's recyclable blade can be separated and recycled. RWE continues its commitment with the installation of 44 recyclable rotor blades at the Sofia wind farm, built by RWE off the north-east coast of the UK.

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