RWE, a company with a mission

We have a long-term commitment to the regions.

Credit: Stéphane Adam

RWE has joined the club of mission-driven companies with an obvious raison d'être:

"Providing local authorities with the means to deploy renewable energies on a large scale, placing social and environmental practices at the heart of decision-making."

Click here to see the Manifesto film, which details the DNA of the project and our ambition to be a mission-driven company.

To embody this raison d'être, four objectives have been defined:

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Objective 1

Developing tomorrow's energy solutions by supporting research and innovation.

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Objective 2

Contribute to the sharing of information and knowledge relating to renewable energies to encourage collective action. 

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Objective 3

Develop a green economy and encourage local stakeholders (local authorities, citizens, businesses) to share in the value generated by projects. 

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Objective 4

Make environmental protection (biodiversity, carbon impact, circularity) a central focus of our projects and our activities in general. 

An experienced and diverse Mission Committee

The role of the Mission Committee is essential. It provides the expertise to implement the mission and achieve the associated objectives. RWE has therefore appointed a team made up of experienced internal managers and external experts in energy transition and from the agricultural and maritime worlds.

It is a team with equal representation and a wealth of experience that will support the work on RWE's social and environmental objectives in France.

External committee members

Jean-Louis Bal

Chairperson of SER (Syndicat des énergies renouvelables) for 12 years, head of the renewable energy department at Ademe for 18 years, he is now the chairperson of Agir pour le climat. 

Alexandra Bonanni

Alexandra Bionanni has a doctorate in economics and teaches at Sciences Po. She is head of the EnergyStrategy Lab at Capgemini Invent and is responsible for studies on the economic contribution and jobs created by the wind energy sector in France as well as research on the impact of wind energy on biodiversity.

Marie-Cécile Damave

A specialist in agricultural issues formerly at the American Embassy in Paris, she is now head of innovation and international affairs at the think tank agriDées.

Frédéric Moncany De Saint-Aignan

Chairperson of the French Maritime Cluster since 2014, Chairperson of the OpenC Foundation, which brings together all the marine renewable energy test sites in France, he co-founded the Comité France Maritime in 2016.

Internal committee members

Julia Bastide
Director of Onshore Wind Development France

Emma Bothorel
Head of Regulatory Affairs Southern Europe

Lionel Daras
Onshore wind farm construction manager

Pierre Peysson
French Director of Offshore Wind Development

Andreea Amarica
Personal Assistant to Chairman and Secretary to the Mission Commitee

Why become a company with a mission?

RWE is firmly committed to the energy transition and will invest 55 billion euros worldwide between 2024 and 2030.

To this end, RWE is active in a number of areas that are essential to the successful development of renewable energies:

  • Support for industry and innovation.

  • Support for creation.

  • Emphasis on sharing value across regions.

  • Focus on environmental issues.

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